Wee Point Resort

1819 Bidwell Rd, Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0

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Welcome to our cabin.


We are a family-run business. My husband and I recently bought Wee Point Resort & Cottages in 2020 – right in the midst of the covid pandemic. Our family lived in Niagara, Ontario for most of our lives. We made this move so that we can afford to live where our hearts are content – in the Canadian North. We have three generations living on the property, dedicating every ounce of love we have into making this place a welcoming destination. It’s a place to relax, play and explore – and we can’t wait to have you here to do just that!

From the moment we drove down the long forest-lined drive, we fell in love with this property. It has a perfect blend of history and modern amenities to make it a cozy and inviting place for anyone to visit (or in our case, live). We have been able to renovate and rejuvenate the cottages to reflect our enthusiastic and authentic love for our business; allowing for inspiration of future amenities, recreation activities, and partnerships to flourish. We are so excited to have you join us in this adventure as we

We have so many ideas on how we can make this destination a place you and your family, friends, or colleagues feel at home, relaxed, and taken care of.   Having fun, going on adventures, and making memories in a clean, family-run resort is evident in all we do. 

A place to relax, play and explore!

Mike and Debbie have always been lovers of the great outdoors. They started nature camping with their family when the children were just babies and have dreamt about owning a cottage resort for years. They are very excited to have their dream come true with their recent purchase of Wee Point Resort & Cottages. Early in 2020 they decided it was time for a change and decided to pursue the dream they always had of owning and operating a Canadian resort. They were thrilled that Debbie’s parents Rod and Val and their daughter Kayla and son-in-law, Martin decided they wanted to join them on this adventure.


For as far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed creating art. It has been a passion that has always found a way of being a part of my life. I picked up my first acrylic paints in 2013 and have never looked back. I was fortunate at the time to hook up with a local art association where I have been able to learn from some amazingly talented and accopmplished artists. My most influential teacher has taught me the importance of developing my own style which led me to a "pixalated" type of technique that can be seen in many of my most recent works.

Debbie & Mike

Mike is a talented woodworker, outdoorsman, and eager to equip the guests with the knowledge and passion to enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest. He even spent the last two years building a cedar strip canoe! Debbie is an artist in a few different mediums; acrylic, watercolours, and pastel painting. Wee Point offers unlimited inspiration for any artist and she is looking forward to hosting artist retreats at the resort.

Kayla & Martin

Team Member
Nature explorers and animal lovers, Kayla and Martin have been married since 2017. With their animal family of cats, a dog and three horses they joined Kayla’s family on this new adventure at the resort. Martin has a talent for photography which can be seen on our Facebook page. They are excited to continue to explore the Island and bring the resort to its full potential.

Val (Grandma) & Rod (Grandpa)

Team Member
Grandma and Grandpa as they’re known around here. Val and Rod have been married for over 55 years. Rod is a retired Tool Maker and business owner who enjoys Philately (stamp collecting etc.), reading and is looking forward to many enjoyable hours on Lake Manitou. Val enjoys sewing, quilt making and spending time with her family. They are excited to host guests at the cottages and share their love for the Great Canadian North with you.
Wee Point’s beach is a great place to swim, especially with young children.